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Who is behind Review The Facts?

That would be us, Barry and Ann.  We are a bit of an odd couple, with Ann being in her 30’s and me being an old critter in my 50’s. We live with our two little girls.

Five years ago we made a wild decision. Ann is a Filipina and decided she wanted to move back to the Philippines. With that proclamation, my mind went into overdrive. Somehow, some way, I had to find a way to start making money that was not limited by a geographical location, or a J.O.B.

These last five years have been a roller coaster of learning, experiments, defeats, and victories, but in the end, we have have managed to build a business that is growing month-by-month, allows us to live where we want, and to enjoy being home with our girls.

In our blog, we share what we have learned during those five years, so you can shortcut the process and start earning a real online income quickly.

Welcome aboard….Let the adventure begin!

Barry and Ann
Review The Facts
The Real Facts for Building Your Home-Based Business

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