My Critical Tools

Every marketer and online seller has their favorite tools for success. Below is a list of the tools I use weekly in my business. Many of the tools listed below are free, others are available for very reasonable prices. (Reviews coming shortly…)

Graphic Editing Tools

The Gimp – Free
Paint.Net – Free (Windows Only)

Screen Capture Tools

BB Flashback Pro
BB Flashback Express (The free option.)
Screenhunter Free

BB Flashback from Blueberry Software is nearly as powerful as Camtasia for recording your screen to video. You can even drop your webcam into the corner of the screen so your followers can watch your beautiful face while you do your screenshot video.

The Express version is limited to exporting in FLV format and lacks a few other of the more advance features of Pro, but it will get you started.

Screenhunter is my favorite program for snapping pictures of my screen to use in blog posts, to share on Facebook, or for other purposes. Simple and free.

Slideshow Creation

Microsoft Powerpoint – My “go to” program for creating slides for my videos, but definitely not a requirement. You can make slides just as easily with my free alternative.
LibreOffice Impress (Your free choice.)

Movie Editors

Sony Movie Studio – If you want to spend a few bucks to have an excellent editor, this is the one to look at. Easy to use, but powerful.
Microsoft Live Movie Maker – On Windows? This is a free option that will take care of 90% of your needs.

Autoresponder, Email List Systems

(NOTE: Avoid free autoresponder services. Every free option I have tested dilutes your lists and increases your spam box delivery rates dramatically.)

GVO – (An decent low budget option, you can start as low as $1 for first 7 days.)
GetResponse – (I just switched to GetResponse, better reliability and superior features.)


Bluehost – (I recommend Bluehost to all of my clients.)
HostGator – (I have used HostGator for years with zero problems, top notch.)

(Note: I only recommend these three hosting companies. They offer top-tier service, great prices, and the highest reliability in the market. They are listed in my order of preference.)


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