Is Body for Life for Men Over 50?

One of the keys to looking better when you lose weight is to redefine your body not just losing weight.  If you only diet to lose fat you will probably be very disappointed with the final results of your efforts.

In most cases, when you just diet and lose fat you end up with a body which is just a smaller version of  your fat self.  It does not change your overall appearance except to make you smaller.  On the other hand, when you follow a system which is designed to redefine your body the changes can be dramatic.

The Body for Life system has been around since 1999 and is just as effective and cutting edge today as it was then.  The system is a 12-week program which uses strength training, aerobics, and common sense eating to change your body.  If you do a little research you can find hundreds of before and after pictures of people who have used the system.  Their transformations are amazing.

I have used the Body for Life system several times and have always found it to be highly effective.  It was one of the keys to me being able to lose a large amount of weight, get my blood pressure under control,  and get tremendously fit.  I did not attempt to build large muscles, but was more focused on getting fit, strong, and lean.

Using the Body for Life system paired with a few other ideas has helped me go from over 285 pounds at my highest blubbery weight, down to my current 170 pounds.  If I can do it, so can you.  Just remember, no one is going to claim the program is easy, because it is not.  It takes commitment, determination, and desire.  Luckily Bill supplies methods for building those traits in the book, too.

If you have never heard of Body for Life or want to read the entire method you can grab a copy on Amazon by clicking here.


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