Google Offers Is It a Tool or Clever Marketing Ploy?


Maybe I have not been watching closely enough lately, but just yesterday I ran across Google Offers, a new Google service.  Google offers is hard to define as a tool, since you do not really do any creation or work with it, but it does cut down on your need to search.

Google offers provides you with an easy way to learn about special offers in your city, state, and country.  The service is not rolled out in all communities, yet.  I tried to subscribe based upon Wichita, Kansas and was told the service is not live in Wichita yet, but I will receive national offers.

To this observer Google Offers appears to be another brilliant marketing ploy by Google, but is a useful research tool for us.  Google has found a unique way to offer their advertising services to a broader market and to target individuals based upon demographics and geographic location.  As this new service matures and expands it will be interesting to watch how many local and national retail stores, restaurants, and service providers start listing their special offers on Google Offers.  The odds are high it will be many.

If you are always seeking out discounts you should take a look at Google Offers.  If you are a business owner or online marketer you better take some time to check out the service, too.  This could be your next hot avenue for increasing sales.

Google Offers online advertising special offers
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