Getting Angry To Succeed in Your MLM Opportunity

Using anger to improve your network marketing opportunity

Using anger to improve your network marketing opportunity

Get mad. Get really angry. Get ticked off.

Why do I suggest getting angry to succeed in an MLM opportunity? It’s very simple.

I just took a look at Zeitgeist on 43 Things, a very cool and informative site. Do you know what I learned?

Stop Procrastinating is number 3 most mentioned goal. That’s scary.

What is even more frightening is the fact that it is NOT in the list of goals ACHIEVED.

Why anger?

Because when you find yourself procrastinating, ANGER can drive you to act. Look at your goals, your reason WHY, and then get mad that you are not getting them done. You want them so bad that you can tasted them, but you still procrastinate.

Let me give you a personal example. Just today, I created a long To-Do list and got to work. I was moving quickly through the list and then I ate lunch. Suddenly, I was not motivated. I wanted to watch an episode of Criminal Minds, instead.

I opened the episode on my PC, started to watch it, and then Evernotes sent me a reminder. I took one glance at that reminder, a look at my To-Do List, and re-read my goals, dreams, and my reason why.

I was MAD. What the heck was I doing watching Criminal Minds in the middle of the day. What is more fun, living a life I design, or watching a train wreck of lives on the television?

I funneled that anger to get moving again.

(Admission: That episode is still open in another window, sitting there at 9 minutes and 20 seconds into the episode…Maybe, just maybe, I’ll watch it before I sleep.)

This blog post, the one I’m writing right at this moment, would have never found its way to your eyeballs if I had not became angry with myself. It would have just been another footnote on life’s disappointing “almost did it” list.

How Does Anger Help Your Business?

I’m not suggesting you talk to your network marketing leads or business contacts with an angry attitude. That is the time to be positive, happy, driven, motivated, inspired, and active.

I am suggesting to use your anger and your goals to keep you moving. Don’t let someone steal your time. Don’t steal it from yourself, either.

It takes massive daily action to grow a business online, at least if you want it to happen fast. Procrastination kills your success, so destroy it with fire. The fire generated by getting angry at delaying your dreams.

Is This Contrary To What Motivational Experts Say?

I hear people say all the time that motivational experts and life change consultants tell you to live a positive and happy life. They are right. They do say it.

On the opposite side, every top motivator I have ever listened to talks about using your disappointment to motivate you. To funnel your negative feelings to drive you forward. They remind us that our EMOTIONS ARE OUR ENERGY.

Tony Robbins often speaks about using all of our emotions to drive us forward, not just our positive emotions.

Are you happy with how your life is today? If not, then get ticked off and make a plan to change it. Use that anger to drive you to take action.

Another motivational and marketing guru, Dr. Joe Vitale, talks about looking at our anger, jealousy, and disappointments to uncover what we really want. We can take clues from our negative emotions and flip them to find out what we desire. Then use the desire to push us forward.

Personally, I believe you need both sides of the emotional coin. Some days, your motivation to achieve your dreams is enough. Other days, you need the fuel of getting upset that you are not getting things done. It is the cattle prod that gets you to start moving towards your success.

Marketing Yourself Means Taking Risks, Which Requires Energy

Directed anger can help you break out of your comfort zone. Think of all the times you have stopped just short of making a phone call, shooting a video, recording an audio message, or sending a controversial email, just because you were afraid.

Anger can destroy that fear. Read those goals one more time. Think of how your fears are stopping you and then get mad. Use that energy to push you to make the video, dial that number, or whatever you are putting off.

You may not do great on your first venture outside the comfort zone, but now you have stretched it.

Focus on your goals and move towards them with positive energy when you can, but when you need a burst of energy and power…let the beast loose.



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