As Exciting as a One-Trick Pony – Network Marketing’s Evil Side

one-trick-ponyI remember going to a rodeo when I was just a young punk…Yes, my memory is still that good.

The rodeo was exciting with all bull riding, barrel racing, and other fast action, but then…

Out came this young girl riding a pinkish looking pony, dressed in her fancy cowgirl outfit. She took center stage in the arena and proceeded to show us her pony’s clever trick. The pony would stomp the ground to equal the number of simple addition problems.

It was kind of cool.

The first time.

She must have stayed in the center of that arena for almost an hour. Ok I was really young so 15 minutes felt like an hour.

It was agonizingly boring by the fourth time she did an addition problem. She had no more tricks. That was it.

Is Your Network Marketing a One Trick Pony?

What does that have to do with your business?

Most marketers, especially in network marketing, only promote a single offer. By the time you send out your fourth or fifth email to your list they are bored.

You need to shake things up a little and improve your profits by becoming a multi-trick marketer, but always stay focused on your end goal.

Provide Value and Additional Products

The first trick you should add to your arsenal is to overwhelm your leads and followers with value. Shock them with how much inspiration, ideas, techniques, and motivation you provide.

Second, add a few products to your marketing mix that can actually help them become more successful.

What kind of products?

Maybe your team needs help creating squeeze pages and landing pages for their business. If so, show them how LeadPages works and help them become more successful, while you make a few extra dollars to invest in your business.

Do they need added training in specific areas? You could suggest programs like MLSP to help them learn and get added tools.

Are they struggling to create their website, get opt-in forms, and other setup issues handled? Show them where they can get prebuilt sites.

Each of those items adds to your bottom line in commissions, and helps your team perform at a higher level.

We call that technique a “funded proposal”. It gives you a way to get a “YES” even when people are saying “NO” to your primary business and adds cash to your pocket that you can use to invest in traffic and building your primary business.

Add A Big Trick to Your Network Marketing Game

What is the biggest trick you can pull on your readers?

Don’t pitch anything!

Yep, that’s right. Nothing!

Try sending a couple emails in a row that are just 100% pitch free, packed with a personal story, a success story from someone, or even your opinion on a topic.

Point them to some cool training, a free product, a bit of news, or anything else that you found intriguing the last few days.

In other words, treat them like a friend. Connect. Engage. Enjoy.

When you go back to sending them a pitch a few days later, they will not be annoyed, bored, and frustrated at your emails.

The Big Pony Show

This brings us back full circle to the pony show.

Have you ever been to a fantastic circus where you watch a pony do amazing tricks, one right after another?

You get caught up in the show.

You are disappointed when it ends.

You want to see more.

It is the difference between being a one-trick pony in your marketing and a marketer who provides MORE.

This is just one of the ideas I blast through in the free boot  camp training.

Ready for more?

Then fill out that crazy man’s box over on the side….

Talk to you soon,


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