A Touch of Insanity in Your Marketing Kills Paralysis by Analysis

Insanity-Challenges-Man-In-Straight-JacketAdmit it! You have felt like this many times trying to build a business or achieve a new goal.

I know I have. You are 100% convinced you are doing everything right, but it’s not working.

You probably bottle up that crazy person and never let that scream out, but is that the right way to build your biz?

I’ll contest that you need to let the wacko inside loose on the world. You need to break free from being the same cookie cutter marketer as everyone else, and let the beast out of the cage.

I know that isn’t easy. Most of my posts and videos are “professional”, at least that’s the attitude I take into creating them, but I’ve discovered something very interesting.

When you quit focusing so much on perfection, and just let the beast loose to have fun, more people read your crap and watch your videos. They want to hear you scream your primal screams and share your wacky side with them. (Yes, they want to be entertained.)

Here’s the problem. Most of us get hung up on “what are they going to say?” We freeze up with the old paralysis by analysis, afraid of what a crazy video is going to do to our “professional persona”.

But, I have a question for you. If you don’t let that beast loose and build your confidence at showcasing your personality, HOW are you ever going to attract a rabid fan base? You’re not.

Let me show you an illustration of what I mean. Today I was attempting to create a video for our virtual assistant services. (Yep, it’s hidden under services at the top.) Instead of perfection, I ended up a babbling fool and my wife slapped me upside the head.

I suspect most people would trash that video and move on. Not me…

I uploaded that “masterpiece” to YouTube, and tossed a big red “OUT TAKES” label on it. It may be stupid. It may be slightly embarrassing, but it is at least slightly entertaining and more likely to get shared than my painfully boring “real video”.

I’ll tell you what, here’s both the out take video and my “oh so professional” second take. You tell me which one you would be most likely to comment on and share. I’ll bet it ain’t the “good one”.

The Out Take Disaster

The “He’s Professional” Video

How can you overcome you tendency to make boring videos?

I suggest joining my new Facebook group, Insanity Challenges for Marketers. We’ll all get together and do stoopid stuff, so we can hone getting our personality engaged on cam and in our posts to make us unstoppable marketers. After all, who is going to join your team if you are boring???


Let me know which video you like best by liking it on YouTube, leaving me a comment, or by sharing my stupidity with the world. I’m a big boy…I can take it. (Mommy…they called me stupid again.)

Until next time.. Keep Marketing, Keep Challenging Yourself, and Never, EVER, Let your comfort zone control your life!

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